Spineless Coming Out of Woodwork!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Babak, Mar 18, 2003.

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    Now that the hard part has been done by men of principle, those spineless, snivelling parasites have come out of the woodwork.

    Here is Short, the UK cabinet minister who 'resigned' and viciously attacked her prime minister, Tony Blair. Now she has changed her mind:


    And the French take the cake! Now they are backpedalling furiously because they know that within a week the US could expose labs and containers of chemical/bio weapons with French labels on them.

    Vive le France stupid !
  2. skeptic123

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    French? What French? Never heard of them. They are back into oblivion where they belong and this time it is for good.

    `...Post-war order

    Worse, as the focus shifts away from the United Nations and down to the battlefields of Iraq, France's voice will become increasingly irrelevant.

    We have grown used to asking at every twist in this year-long build-up, "What will the French say?" because what the French said truly mattered.

    But that obsession with the French position, which has of course flattered the French themselves, will gradually peter out.

    From now on the talk will be of offensives and surrenders, death and victory, destruction and the hope of re-building.

    In none of this will France have a word to say.

    Camped on its moral high ground, it may take solace in the consistency of its opposition to war. And there will always be many around the world who applaud what it did.

    But France has never liked being left out of the international equation.

    In the new post-war order, it may have to get used to it.`

  3. will have a very important role in all of this.

    Even as we speak, the 47th Etiquette Batallion is field-stripping their latest edition Mont Blanc pens and being mobilized to assist the remnants of the Republican Guard and Ba'ath Party in the surrender ceremony.

    Vive le France!
  4. I'm sure the UN crowd will want to be heavily involved in post Saddam Iraq. I am sure someone will suggest letting them get involved and spreading the contracts around will be a good way to demonstrate our good faith. My suggestion: offset the costs of this operation against our UN dues.
  5. sunnie


    Let's not forget our neighbors to the north and south...

    Canada and Mexico...

    Thanks...for nothing! :mad: :mad:
  6. sunnie,

    So right. Maybe we ought to tighten up both borders and slow the flow of terrorists, drugs,etc.

  7. Well, there was a difference of opinion. Surely nobody regards the crisis as being so cut and dried as to classify any dissenting views as "against us" do they?

    God, it's scary to think that nations might be run by such childish ingrates that would demonize an entire nation (and a hell of a good friend and trading partner, in the case of Canada) for having a different viewpoint...
  8. http://www.iht.com/articles/90195.html

    Here's an article that talks about French and German politicians starting to wonder if they were mistaken in their strong veto threats and "at all costs" opposition to military action.