Spiked up $3.00 at close

Discussion in 'Trading' started by tt1452, May 18, 2003.

  1. tt1452


    Can anyone comment on the significance of CMCSK closing spike Friday? (5/16/2003)
    The stock was trading a little above $30.00 and right at the close spiked up $3.00 to $33.00 and immediately came back and closed at $30.07.
    I have never seen this before and would like to hear any comments on what this portends.


    (can't get the link to work but you can paste it in your browser to see the chart)
  2. its a bad print or mistake. only 131 shares traded at that price.
  3. tt1452


    Thanks for your response but.... how many shares were filled on the way up and how many stops may have been triggered??

    I know I had a sell order filled at $30.58.
    Is it possible there was another motive for this?

    (BTW how do you see the numbers of shares information that you refer to?)
  4. probably only that 1 trade. someone just mistyped and made a bad trade.im sure that one trade was broken.just look at the time and sales.