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    What was that spike about?
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  3. CNBC actually helped today. As soon as I found out what the mess was about, I went into a buying frame of mind. I love those days where a rumor or something strange causes big, over extended moves.

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    Catch any of those nice Gartley patterns today? :)

  5. jester

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    ...................you wouldn't happen to know a guy named Larry Pasavento would you?

    Btw - I am trying to implement Gartley & Gartley 222 formations into my trading of the NQ's....God I love this game!

    BEst game in town................

  6. I was just buying dips most of the morning, just off some simple trendlines and Fib retracements. Real simple stuff.

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    I don't know Pesavento personally but I do work with a very successful trader who knew him at one time. I've read one of Pesavento's books and really like his setups. I'm thinking I should read the original 1935(?) book by (insert first name) Gartley himself.

  8. like that after taking out the highs of the day?

    was it just to screw the hedge fund who bought puts
    earlier in the am?
    it was as if all the offers dis appeared or as if
    the hedge funds decided to pay up a few handles
    to get out of the pain they were in
    this happened approx 1145 am est