Spike up in futures

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by jrs3, Apr 22, 2004.

  1. jrs3


    let me guess Bin Laden roomer
  2. Ebo


    Whocka Whocka!

  3. Cutten


    Just gone short at 35.00, just a quick scalp, stop at 36.75
  4. Who cares, man! Take the points and run. Nice, nice, nice :)
  5. I'm glad that I closed my short and went long early and made up the short losses and then little bit +... It came like freight train!

  6. Cutten


    Covered half @ 33.25
  7. Ditch


    The top. How did you pinpoint that?:confused:
  8. markc


    I had a short order sitting there since yesterday. Lost 2.75 points on the spike. But, I also had another sitting a few points higher - cancelled that!! Cut my losses in half - great day! lol :)

    I don't trade breakouts - but I sometimes wish I did!
  9. Ditch


    F****. I went long at 1120.75 and closed it at 1121. Was looking for a double bottom.
  10. got shaken out yesterday and again this morning on a smaller position. I can tell you I am pretty f*cking mad :mad:
    #10     Apr 22, 2004