spike in IB QQQQ data

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  1. There is a spike in IB QQQQ data at 09:32 today. Is it an error? I notice the data of the QQQQ have this problem quite often.
  2. Haven't traded the Qs for a while but that problem used to persist each day, practically on all data providers.
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    ADx Trader;
    I see an IB chart spike of QQQQ 9;43 Chicago time area of $39.7 [IB candle chart shows spike open time =9;43-9;45;]

    Yes would say its false, you can usually tell its false if one watches a few ETF's much. Actually tend to see false quotes more on DIA,SPY,QQQQ , best to double check, 2 chart providers

    Prophet charts are usually fairly accurate, probably not the best for scalpers but fine for me ;

    Dont see any spikes 9;32 eastern time or any am spikes otherwise . Did gap up a bit open price,8;30 chicago time, not a spike

    AVERAGE HOURLY candle past 7 days range high to low is less than 0.45. NOT $1.00 2 minute spike IB chart shows

    I use IB charts as part of realtime set up, WITH discretion

  4. How to set stop and target in QQQQ? Those spikes can trigger orders!
  5. Fighter


    stop loss order works only on honest quota system.

    Spike is big enemy for investors. Honest quota system is a big measure to brokerage.

    IB has advantage you can take but must have drawback to cover

    Think about it.