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    Just wanted to know people's opinion on this restaurant. I am in New Jersey and there are none in my state. SPKL is supposed to be a version of Panera Bread and Panera has really taken off. Anyone else investing in this stock? Keep reading the headlines and the company said it is one of the fastest growing franchises. Its trading now around 1.16 and up from .40 from initial ipo in early sept of this year.
  2. spkl has been a fun trade tho the name doesn't seem too tasty
  3. Spicy Pickle is better than the Crotcheteria.
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    Whats that made out of?? Nutmeg?
  5. Sorry to seem so flip. I did check it out before I posted my one word opinion. Would you open a franchise? Look at the inventory you would have to stock for all the combinations, imagine the possible waste. Pizza too? Breakfast coming soon? What business are you in? Where is the spicy pickle fit on a breakfast menu? Here a store there a store. One coming to NY, Where's the national advertising tie in. The franchise is going to provide ad dollars for one or two stores in a state? Ehh, between a Subway and Panera. Tough nut to crack.

    Good trading
  6. Why do all the items on the menu have a gay connotation to them ?
  7. Did you get the DVD in the mail too?

    Way too heavy of a blitz to get me interested. Gave the DVD to my kids to use as a frisbee.
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    seems interesting, maybe buy some shares and sit back for 2-3 years......
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    No, I saw heavy coverge on stockwire.com, which they were compensated to give marketing. I like how this place has subs and pizza in more of a higher end setting than your local pizza shop. Maybe this stock will go to 2 or 3 and then pull back down like tubr.
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