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    Hey Guys,
    Any one trading the SPI200 intraday ?
  2. Hey I trade the Spi intraday. Anywhere from 5 to 20 or more round trips a day. I also have a blog where I comment daily on trade setups and the Aussie market in general.
  3. Love to see the blog.

    Squeeze of the century last night - that open. I dont recall anything like that. (US EAst Coast - so I meant the ASX day open)
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    Yeah would love to see the blog, 5/20 set ups a day gee you a busy boy.
  5. Hi Guys
    Im in England and this baby is the best index to trade apart from the Dax IMO intraday scalping.. This is closts thing to the AXJO I can get my hands on and I havnt seen opening breakouts like that with such regularity when compared to many other similar futures indexes... Is it me or have so many people missed the boat with this one?

    OK I still paper trading (made 100 points in three hours) but I seem to be able to do this with regularity now.. Im hoping Im ready as ever..
  6. From some experience trading this sucker for a long time if you can take 100 ticks in a day regally you have enter the elite on the spi!
  7. Sorry Guys FALSE ALARM.... please ignore these claims.. found out that the market I was trading of was synthesised data... (Stupid F@0#0 b@45tds) what a waste of my time...

    OK but I did learn something about scalping methodologies that I could employ.. at least the penny finally dropped for me... man.. youve just got to have a fast platform edge otherwise its all over.. made me feel sorry for many Retail traders who dont get this far...

    Good luck everyone, sorry about my shoot from the hip nonsense..