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  1. Unreal, Barry and the dems try and push this thing through without giving anyone a chance to read it.

    A new era of transparancy? I think not.

    The corruption and lying perpetrated by this administration and congress will be unprecedented.
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    Over the weekend, I read a story about the Bush Adminstration pushing through some sort of executive order about focusing on drilling for oil over alternative energy solutions. This was countermanded by somebody else in the administration because it was too rushed. We need 6 months or more to examine these ideas and be sure they are correct.

    Yet somehow it's vital that we rush through a (nearly) trillion dollar bill without much review or discussion.

    If I were a teenager watching the adults saddle me and my potential kids with this sort of debt, I'd be pretty POed.
  3. They posted the bill at 11 pm last night. No one on either side has had enough time to read this thing which will cost a huge amount of money. They want it passed today before the evening t.v. news shows and before Pelosi takes off for a week long trip to Europe.

    Democracy ?
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    It was revealed this morning that while congressional offices hadn't yet received a copy of what they would be voting on, some folks did have portions of the final bill. K-street lobbyists. That's who. woo woo.
  5. As long as hope and optimism pay down the debt, stop terrorism and revive the economy I guess we are safe then.

    Barry was simply manufactured out of thin air. Not only does he remind me of the circumstances that allows Hitler to be elected but also the manchurian candidate.

    He's just a puppet of pelosi and reid.
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    When discussing the bill he continues to say: "The old theories didn't work". Wonder what that means. Judging by his old pals and many in the new admin, I have a pretty good idea.

    Problem is: The "new theories" have been tried throughout history, and they haven't worked either.
  7. Unfortunately, all the teenagers I know think Obama is a rock star as hip as the Jonas Brothers.
  8. Sounds a lot like what Bush did with the Patriot Act.

  9. Agreed on the Patriot Act . . . . so, what do you think of them doing the same thing in regard to this bill . . . do you approve of these tactics, or do you think they should take the time to read it first ?
  10. I'll answer your question with a queston. Do you actualy believe that the Senate reads every Bill they vote on?

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