Spencer Financial

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by Cybren, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. Cybren


    Anyone with experience trading with Spencer Financial? They are regulated by cftc and NFA member. They have 2 pips on Euro and usd/yen and offer euro denomination.

    Any experience, good or bad would be appreciated.

  2. pqt


    I've been with them since April 2006. Good company,small but personalized service and fair dealing.
    Unfortunately, last week they informed me they have sold out to Forex Liquidity LLC, a company I've never heard of . I could transfer my account to the new joint if I wish but I have no idea what the new dealing terms will be, so I had no choice but close my account :(
  3. qtip


    I was doing some research on Forex companies and came across Forex Liquidity LLC. I called them because they didn't have much on their website. After speaking with them, there spreads are good and the technology they offer is superior to other Forex companies. They offer 3 different API written in different languages and have 2-3 forex feeds to choose from (Hotspot ...ect.)

    I will probably open an account with them.