Spelling Secrets of a grade 1 dropout. Only $19.95. ONLY 216 left, HURRY!

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    Look for the first video (which will be hosted on viddler) and report this evening.

    Several things will be covered, the most important of course being spelling and grammer.

    Disclaimer: The contents of this thread and all reports and videos with in it are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Any references made to Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing or Money Making in any way shape or form are purely anectotal. It is highly unlikely that anyone will make any actual money as a result of the 1st grader's spelling secrets. If they do it is by accident and they should be made fun of and chased off the board. Some of the content may actually related to actual money making, but it's purely by accident that this happens as well.

    <i>The above disclaimer is brought to you in an effort to keep the friendly folks at the FTC from knocking down my door, because unlike the SEC, the folks at the FTC actually do their jobs in between lunch and watching online pornography.</i>

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    This offer is amazingly popular that the server crashed and the Spelling Secrets course is just FLYING OFF THE SHELF. This izzzzz simpleeee amazable!!!! Wowzee. We only have 11, no wait, make that 9...oh holy moly macaroli we only have SIX, that's right, only SIX gaurantee'd spots left for the award winning and critically acclaimed course "Spelling Secrets of a Grade 1 Dropout!". You don't want to look back and think Oh my gosh this was one of those forks in the road and I turned down the opportunity to learn spelling and grammer from a guy who got an F in spelling in the 4th grade.


    Okie dokes, so enough funny times. I have the first video finished and ready to go, but I think it's too long to put up on the free video hosting sites (34 minutes). So, I've got to figure out how to go back and edit it so that I can just put it up in parts (You thought I was gonna say "so now I have to charge for" didnt ya TraderZones? :) ) At any rate, I'll spend another 20 or 30 minutes trying to figure this out. If I can't I will get it up tomorrow afternoon. My sister is coming over with her boyfriend and he is a computer whiz/geek/nerd...so if I've not got it figured out by then..he will get the problem solved for us.

    I'm very much looking forward to giving this course to you guys and the feedback I've gotten so far has been an inspiration. There are a lot more people out there who could use some help then I had ever thought, and I'm honored to have you guys trusting me to give you that help. You have my promise that I won't let you down, and that if you put a full effort into doing exactly what I tell you to do it has the potential to truly be life changing.

    I look forward to you guys seeing the course and then to working with you to make it better and to make you more profitable.


    Holy cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PEOPLE ARE JUST GOING CRAZY AND HAVE WORKED THEMSELVES INTO A FRENZY TO BUY SPELLING SECRETS. There are only 4, that's right FOUR copies left. This will NEVER be available for $19.95 ever again..in fact the next time you see Spelling Secrets we may have had to lower the price down to $17.79 in order to convince any more suckers into buying....its just that errrrr....well.....JUST ACT FAST SUPER DUPER SPELLERZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Awright...so...do the editing desk for me. This will get up here 2nite or tomorrow and if you use what I teach you, good things might very well happen. I am honored that so many of you are giving me the opportunity to play a small part in your future success.

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    One last point. Obviously I'm having a little bit of fun at my own expense with the title of this thread, and I was also clowning around with the last post. That's just a part of my personality and you will probably notice it more and more as you get to know me. However, I want to assure you that the actual material I will be giving you is anything but a joke. Instead it has the potential to be powerfully life changing and I will deliver to you a product that I would give to members of my own family if they needed the same help many of the members of ET need.
    This will be the best intro course you will find (esp for the price) anywhere and if you put in the effort then nothing is going to stand between you and success.

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    Some food for thought as we wait for the course to load: <b>Getting what you want is not all that difficult. Simply knowing what it is that you truly desire will put you well ahead of 90% of your compatriots already. Once you know what it is that you desire then it becomes a simple matter of determining how much that thing is going to cost you. If it is something you truly want, then you simply buy it, and that's it. But, the part that most people foul up is in thinking that the cost is measured in dollars and cents. The cost is very rarely paid in dollars and cents when going after what you really want. </b>
  5. Brandon:

    could you say a bit about the place where you host the video? I might use it for some other topics. Also, how did you make the video? I knew about some tools, but I want to know how you did the things, and where your post them.
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    Video's will be hosted on Viddler. I used Camtasia 6.0 to record the powerpoint presentatation, which I created with Open Office Impress. I have a number of images, which I have on a CD purchased from Stock Index. (think Getty Images but much smaller and cheaper).
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    So it is official that I have "lost my everloving flipping mind!", at least according to my very good friend Chad. Chad was my best friend in HS, and he has gone on to be one of the top under the radar "guru's" in Internet Marketing. I showed him the presentation I put together for you guys (The one I've been trying to edit), and I've been informed that it's better then most $100 to $200 "work from home" intro courses...which is actually sad because it's something I'm very happy to give away, but when I was thinking in terms of "What would this be worth?" I had thought $25 to $75...certainly not $200. Anyway the original power point is 56 slides long, so obviously the first presentation/video goes on for some time. This is too long to load to the free viddler server. I could load it up to one of my own sites, but I'd hate for TraderZones or Stocky to be forced into buying something from me. So, right now I'm trying to redo the presentation to make it around 20/25 slides long and then I will re-record it and post that. The other info will just get loaded in the next presentation that I put together.

    I'll have something of a schedual for you guys later. Also, I plan to do a short article or video (I have not decided which one yet) on the trading diary as there is a lot of demand for that as well. Those of you taking the business course though should also read/watch the diary thing for two reasons. First of all I'm assuming you are all traders and so it is VERY IMPORTANT in your development. Second of all it's a critical aspect of any eventual success you may enjoy with affiliate/Internet marketing as well.

    PS It'll be a very sad day in Brandonville if the Vikings can not beat the Eagles today. I do hope that AP can hold onto the ball!
  8. Thanks again Brandon!! I am eagerly awaiting the presentation and can't wait to try and throw my first website together.

  9. You could cut the video into 10 minute segments and post onto YouTube. Also will you be posting a link to this video?

  10. While we're waiting for the video...

    I know all the technology behind web hosting (it is my day job). I am also good at programming and writing stories/reviews. I just don't understand how you can get people to visit the sites you create. I have created sites of my own before, but no one visits them because they don't know they exist.
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