Spelling and Trading

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  1. As a language purist and somewhat of an historian, I am keenly aware these days of the age-old correlation between the deterioration of spelling standards and the decline of society. When the public at large no longer thinks it necessary to spell correctly, they seem no longer to care to accomplish anything else properly, either.

    ET is society writ small. Often I wonder "How can an idiot who cannot even manage something as simple as spelling imagine that he can trade?" I know this is an elitist attitude, but I can't help it. I am old and set in my ways. The curse of a classical education wherein most of what you learn is ancient.

    So I am going to vent my spleen in this thread. For starters, today, we have:


    One supposes this person says "Let me expline something to you."
  2. Good poast, Arthur.
  3. Good poste, arther.
  4. Big AAPL

    Big AAPL

  5. Thanks to all, and sorry for stomping your turf, Datamerc. Poor orthography here is a source of constant amusement and amazement to me. I suppose I should get out more. I will use this thread to share the better examples. Please feel free to do so yourselves. Be advised that I don't even get around much on ET. There is a certain subculture here that I fancy, perhaps because they tend to spell the worst.
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    Hey, keep in mind some of us have english as a second language! I only learned english at school :)

    take care.

  7. No sore toes here Art - you have brought up a good topic and I do believe that lazy spelling is possibly a canary in the coal mine.

  8. How do so many on Wall Street with the best education money can buy lose so much money?
  9. Veggen, no offense or offence intended to non-native speakers, whatever that might with the world-wide proliferation of our most mongrelized language. I will be picking only on allegedly native speakers, specifically Amuricans. For as long as moderation suffers this thread to exist, I will be ET's Johnson.
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