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  1. I like the Spell Checker here but could it be tweaked to ignore links? everytime I use it before posting when I quote someone and their statement that I am quoting includes a link the spell checker goes thru each part of the link.
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    Unfortunately, the spell checker is a third-party product, so I'll have to pass that suggestion along to the company that makes it.
  3. Just a note....posting links to other ET threads as you know is widley used...

    I notice many links referring guests AWAY from ET many times are in violation of the conduct rules. Thus not many links are being spell checked...but perhaps some of them may be moderated as spam.

    Michael B.

  4. The built in spell check in FireFox does what you are asking for.
  5. Thanks for that info.
  6. very unique product.
  7. how is it unique. almost every e-mail mechanism has it.
  8. outdated
  9. Might not be the email that's doing the spell checking but FireFox instead. FireFox spell checks all forms as you type.
  10. you want a spell-checker?

    get an education

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