Speedup Trader: Fact or Fiction

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  1. So I decided to try speedup trader. I'm doubtful they will actually fund an account for me and send out withdrawals.

    The first step is to pass the funding test.
    I will be trading the 25k account.
    Max drawdown $1500. Profit target $1500. Max contracts 3.

    DAY 1 (-$425.50)

  2. Overnight


    Your nickname belies your ability, and idea, and posting clarity. Any more details on your trades forthcoming?
  3. Dazz


    there are over 10 such similar funding sites, with their business revenue models all predicated on your failure. Why choose this one over the others?
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  4. LexKnight


    So you went into it suspecting you wouldn't get funded even if you passed... and there's other more reputable companies available who do pay out. As well some are cheaper (Earn2Trade is $90 for their $25K account currently on discount).

    I mean, sorry to be semi rude but your decision making already lacks some logic and that's before even trading.
  5. Most definitely.
  6. I preferred this one for its mobil platform.
    It doesn't concern me that their business model is predicated on my failure. They don't control or guarantee my failure. Only I can do that.

    And for the record.
    I won't fail.
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  7. No offense. But I don't fully trust any of these companies. Reputable is up for debate for all of them. I have heard good and bad about all of them.
    I have $120 at risk. Far less than I risk in my personal monthly trading.
  8. LexKnight


    Fair enough. Good luck with it, let us know how it all goes. Curious to see how Speedup turns out, honestly hadn't heard of them before this post.
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  9. Turveyd


    -$120 is 1 bad NQ trade, so it's not a big deal if it turns into a nothing.

    I like the idea of Mobile Based and I guess Tablet, who wants to be stuck at home 24/7

    Earn2Trade $90 deal also looks pretty good, was considering LeeLoo but not high odds they'll ever pay out.
  10. Dazz


    nonsense - the trading criteria for OneUp are vastly superior to Top Step, as is Leeloo. I submit you are fundamentally ignorant on these; it would behoove you to study up.