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  1. Hello,

    Does anyone have an opinion about the following software: snapnpopdragon.com.

    It is supposed to speed up the PC. Do you think it really works? I do not know enough about computers to judge if it is a scam or has a good potential to actually work.


  2. frank99


    If the bottleneck is CPU, it will be difficult to speed up the PC since software requires more CPU to run.

    If you have a slow PC, you will want to find out what is slowing it down. Usually, more memory helps speed up a PC, but sometimes, it's the CPU, or maybe your PC is infected with spyware/adware/malware.

    Cleaning up spyware will usually speed it up quite a bit.

    And sometimes, users think they're PC is slow, but it's really their Internet connection.

    It's hard to say without knowing more info.
  3. I do not really have any problems with my PC. It is fast enough. I do not have any spyware or adware. Just would like to know if the above mentioned software can speed up a healthy PC like mine.
  4. frank99


    In my experience, fixing something that isn't broken tends to cause more problems in the long run.

    For example, if something stops working later, could it be that software or something else? It's just one more piece to a puzzle when trying to solve a computer problem.

    Who knows, it may be incredible software. I'm not familar with it, and I can't tell too much from their website. The website didn't look very professional.

    I would search in google to see what people are saying about it.

    Good luck!

  5. More software typically does the opposite, it slows down your computer. The fastest possible state for your PC is with a fresh install of Windows with nothing else installed. Each software package installed after that results in a machine that gets slower and slower and more crash-prone. At some point, adding that final software package causes fatal corruptions to the machine and you have to format and re-install a clean Windows again.

    So basically, the fastest your machine can operate is at the hardware level. No software can make the hardware run faster than it's mechanical limits. Then any additional softwares added only helps to slow down the machine.
  6. GTS


    You are working under the false assumption that the software in question runs all the time (thus requiring cpu).

    If this software is like most PC tuning/optimization software then you run it, it tweaks some registry & system settings and then it stops running.

    I agree completely, especially if you don't know what you are doing. Some of these aggressive tweaking programs can cause more problems then they are worth.

    OP, don't waste your time on this, looks like its some sort of email collector for spam.
  7. Yes its a scam, adding a program to your pc will not speed it up. You may just have other programs that are fighting to slow it down. Watch this video I made a few weeks ago on how to get rid of them. Here is the link:


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  8. zdreg


    what causes the cpu usage to spike from ubder 20% to over 97% freezing the computerwithout any new programs being started

    thx for any response to this bothersome issue.