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  2. i'm getting ready to upgrade a GPU and possibly PSU in a dell optiplex, so i decided to enter the world of customizing a pc for the first time. up to this point the most i've ever really done is install ram and upgrade a sound card.

    i tried out speedfan, but the combination of the depth of control it gives and the language barrier with the author has me looking for a better option. plus when i went to uninstall it, it left a few things on the HD, and the dialog asking about 'giveio.sys' with the smiley face was a turn off.. i think my chipset might also not be supported by the sw

    can anyone recommend another reliable tool that will let me monitor CPU, GPU temps and possibly related fan speeds during usage?
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    I like coretemp, but it only gives you the voltage and core temperature of your cpu...

    - mnx
  4. You might try SIW software (free). Depending upon the sensors on your mobo, SIW gives temp readings of various things.
  5. It doesn't work on some motherboards. I found it to be unreliable and quit using it.

  6. thanks for the great suggestions guys. i'll look into them