Speedfan stopped working

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by alanack, May 10, 2013.

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    Been using Speedfan for some time to keep things cool, today for some reason it simply stopped cranking up the fans when the temps rose. It shows the fans at 100%, but both fans are around 40%. Any ideas on what might be going on here? Thanks.
  2. Maybe reinstall?

    Mine works great.Never a problem.

    Man if it ever stops working, this laptop is goin straight in the trash.:)
  3. alanack


    Thanks. For anyone who might experience this problem and come across these posts, the problem turned out to be Speedfan automatically resetting some things... I went to configure - advanced - selected the chip - and under PWM 1 mode and PWM 2 mode Speedfan had reset the value to SmartGuardian(whatever that means) - anyway, I reset these values to "computer controlled" and the fans got going again, everything is fine - it's still a bit of a mystery, though, as it will still occasionally reset these values...
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    I only knew regarding the cool fan which just puts out the warn air but no idea regarding the speed fan.
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    5 bucks solution
  6. Thanks for the info. Btw are you on a DELL?
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    You're welcome, no, it's a Lenovo desktop.
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    I open my puter up every few months to vacuum the dust out, especially from the fans. Mine was loud yesterday, did this and now it is quieter. The fans had a lot of dust near them
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    me too follow the same practice
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