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  1. I am looking for the fastest broker software combination, no bs, no sales pitches (I know this website is littered with them) I want to trade futures, quick turns as fast as one minute round turn, possible hold for 30 minutes. no bs, just quick, reliable turns
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    As far as two brokers & with an average time frame of 15.5 minutes you implied;
    Interactive Brokers could be one of the 2 brokers.
  3. thanks, it seems that this site is big on tt software and IB broker, not much as far as tradestation, question . . . can you write code and have IB automate it? How would you go about doing that, do they have that function built in as tradestation does?
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    IB doesn't support TT.
  5. yeah, I figured that, tt from what I gather is more professional, IB is a retail type, is there a way to automate with IB?
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    IB has an API that you can connect to any trading system that you write. There are also third party applications already written for IB. There is not an interface built in for mechanical systems like TradeStation, but in my experience its worth the effort to "roll your own". IB is an excellent, fast broker with access to just about every market you could want to trade.