speed trader sucks

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by nathan101, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. I have a bad experience with speedtrader. I feel they were not honest with their clients, charging crazy software fees without notifying clients which they claim they do
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    Can you elaborate on your complaint a little?

    I just joined Speedtrader last month, so far no complaints.
  3. when i open an account with them a while back they had told me if i maintain 5,000 in the account they will not charge me a software fee as well as no inacitivity fee that was part of my contract then months later things started changing and they started charging. They told me that they notified my in the mail and e-mail of the adjustment which i never receive i tried getting my money back from those charges but they said it is out of their hands they also charge an additional 49 software charge before i close my account. Unethical? absolutely. You may need to watch for these changes because it can happen to you. Hope that helps!
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    what software did you use?

    i thoguht the contracts were
  5. Unfortunately, i have thrown away my contract a while back so i kinda forgot but i just remember it being a basic pakage or some sort. If you decide to open an account with them make sure to monitor your account regularly to avoid any additional fees. You have been warn my friend!
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    So who have you switched to?

    DO you download statemnets of activites and what not? Or are the mailed to u?
  7. I have not open up any account as of yet. I'm still doing my research. Yes i got mail and e-mail from speedtrader but it was just statements not any indication of account changes. In my opinion their is no such thing as a perfect broker every firm has their flaws, my best advice is do a full research before deciding a broker