Speed of Light

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  1. ...and nitro will go long.
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  2. http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=676&e=14&u=/usatoday/11570742

    case and point...i watched the discovery channel shows on the ice man and they knew every detail of his life.....now they are saying OOOps....read the story...its amazinghow they just decide that the 'fight ' lasted two days......How the F do they know that?

    Science is very flawed and very biased
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  3. Sounds great......what does 'consumed' mean and will we notice it????
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  4. Consumed: Having become part of (been compressed into) the super-dense mass from which no light can escape, kind of like a Greenspan statement.

    We'd very likely be dead, if we were on the Earth at or near the time that it was absorbed into the mass.
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  5. Ok you Creationists, if it wasn’t for you people controlling all of Europe during the Dark Ages, science would be at least 400 years ahead of where it is now.

    According to your worldview: the Earth was made in seven days, is about 20,000 years old, is flat, and the Sun revolves around the Earth: the Center of the Universe. Science is not perfect, but it surely has done better than this.
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  6. yes, yes!

    finally...others who think as i do.

    religion has held back man (and continues to), in so many ways. it's sad.

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  7. held us back from what?....BTW....who were the people that thought the earth was flat?..it was other accepted scientists of the time.....Great book to read if you get a chance is "Galileo's Daughter" ...yes, religion was at odds with him, but so was the established scientific community....You need to find God rock....Im going to teach you the way of the lord:) ....follw me Rock, and I'll make you a fisher of men!
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  8. Sorry but that's incorrect labelling. There's a growing body of "old earth creationists." And there's a growing body of cautiosly skeptical scientists who see Design in the Universe but don't necessarily want to line up with any particular religion. Please don't lump all of us in with the 20,000 year crowd or with 13th century popes.
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  9. If it weren't for Christian monks and Islamic scholars, the bases for the scientific method - in the works of the ancient Greeks, especially Aristotle - would have been lost.
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  10. Old, New, or Middle Earth Creationists…they all talk gobbledygook.
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