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    I'm using a broadband connection with 5000 Kbit/s.
    Now I'm looking for a cheap backup connection. The cheapest solution (no monthly fee, only pay as you use) I found is 300 Kbit/s. Is this sufficient? In an emergency case I only need a connection to InteractiveBrokers (using TWS, Quotetracker and ZerolineTrader) to maintain my trading for some hours.
    Or should I get the 1000 Kbit/s line for which I pay a monthly fee?
  2. If your not trading options, the 300 will do, if you're trading options I would suggest the 1000, however, if latency is key, then you need to go with which ever has better latency.
  3. In an emergency you can use dial up with TWS. Just don't try to watch 100 symbols.
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    Thanx for your responses. I am trading only FX Futures and sometimes e.minis... Max. 10 symbols!

    I's all about maintaining the connection till my primary connection works again... Here in Switzerland, the infrastructure is quite stable, so I can count the disconnections (each from ca. 0.5 to 2 hours) for 2008 on one hand...

    So, the 300kb/s would be sufficient...
  5. You must mean *day* trading options.

    I trade options but could do it with dial-up because of my timeframe.
  6. when I test my speed from www.speakeasy.net I get around 25kb downlaod and 2kb upload....is this good? or should I get fios?
  7. thanks forsalenyc for the link

    changing the subject some, does anyone know the speed of order entry/fill
    trading eminis when using NinjaTrader with the ZenFire feed ?
    and do the computer specs make any difference to speed/latency ?

    from Vancouver, Canada cable/Shaw to:
    chicago : download: 4863 kbps up: 479 kbps
    seattle : d: 4904 u: 487
  8. I just got 26,384Kbps download and 1924Kbps upload from another site www.speedtest.net
  9. 4.8kbps seems a bit too slow. is this what you trade on?
  10. yes. don't know if it's slow or not, Shaw states for the service i pay for:
    "Up to 10 Mbps download speed, 1 Mbps upload speed" which seems
    very fast but i really don't understand what Mbps means since i presume the
    correct term for data transfer should be the Kbps measure

    speed's contentious and the operative is 'Up to', in the UK next year the
    national telephone company who supply all other ISPs will have to state
    accurate speed amounts which will change the statement from
    'Up to' to 'Minimum speed'
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