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  1. On a recent day there were six times as many range bars in the half hour period from 9:30 to 10:00 eastern as in a half hour period later in the day. This also held true for tick bars. On a minute bar chart, the bars were much bigger during the opening half hour.

    The question I have is do most traders use the same strategies in the opening period as later in the day? Does it make sense to use larger range or tick charts for the opening period? Does it make sense to do nothing for the first hour or so?

    I would appreciate your comments.
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    See this thread!

  3. I have seen the thread you listed. It says" I measure trade intensity by the amount of trades occuring in a given time. "

    The number of trades occuring at a given time is not the same as the number of range bars being printed.
  4. It only makes sense to do what makes sense for you. In other words my method can cope with that but perhaps your can't.

    So what do you do? You either develop your method or you trade when it works best for you. It is not just the opening period you have to adapt to, you have to adapt to wide range days and rather than change to bigger range bars, always have a bigger range chart open so when the market makes big moves you are set up for it.

    As far as strategies are concerned, some only trade the early period, some avoid it, to others it makes no difference. There isn't a Traders Bible, you write your own trading plan and that is the only thing that makes sense for you.

    Why not look at Globex so you have a position before the RTH open? That way you don't think inside the box.
  5. personally I've found that PA based upon candlesticks are a lot more reliable in the opening 30 mins of the market compared to other periods.
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    I thought you mentioned "tick bars" and I interpreted that to mean bars as in a tick chart. I see now that you also mentioned "minute" so apparently it wasn't a tick chart you were referring to but a time and price chart.