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    Turbo Trader 2

    <span style="float: right;">[​IMG]</span>Turbo Trader 2 was specifically designed with retail traders in mind; our goal was to provide a very fast and highly customizable trade platform that offered access to multiple exchanges and global electronic markets. Using extensive direction from traders, our software developers came up with a very robust and reliable solution; TURBO TRADER 2.

    Click here to request a FREE 14-day live simulated trading account on the Turbo Trader 2 platform.

    Key Features of the Turbo Trader 2 Platform

    * Turbo Web Trader – access and trade your account from any internet accessible computer.

    * Trailing stops and bracket orders

    * One-click execution

    * Easy view of market depth

    * Multiple windows to facilitate multi-market trading

    * Simple drag and drop features to access the contracts you need

    * Save, export, import, load and delete your customized platform layouts

    * <span style="float: right;">[​IMG]</span>Data history viewing up to one month

    * Automatic updates upon login - no need to perform manual updates

    * Around-the-clock technical support to our clients

    * <span style="float: right;">[​IMG]</span>The "thermometer" allows you to quickly gauge how the market has moved

    Click here for the Turbo Trader 2 Tutorial Videos.

    Minimum Requirements

    Operating System: Windows XP / Windows Vista

    Processor: Latest Processor

    Physical RAM: 1GB of RAM or better for Windows XP users (1GB is recommended); 3GB of RAM or better for Windows Vista users (4GB is recommended)

    Windows 64bit is NOW compatible with the Turbo Trader 2 platform!

    To learn more about this platform contact me directly or click here to visit our website.

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