Spectrum Capital Partners

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  1. Anybody hear of them, or have an opinion on them? I believe they are affiliated with Schonfeld, and took some of the good WorldCo guys when the ship went down. Any feedback would be appreciated.
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  3. They are part of Schonfeld. I think you can get paid 25% of your gross.
  4. wtf 25%%????!!! that shitty, trillium is part of schony, and you get 48%
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  6. 48% gross? is that a new set up?
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    It's actually paying 40% plus 8% as a bonus that is being spread over 2 years. The commision for stocks is caried between offices from $3.25 to $5 in FL
  8. Do you have to put any money down?

    Can you get this deal and trade remote?

    Any volume minimums, fine print, or other BS?
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    It's no for all questions.
    You're not required to put any money down.
    From my knowledge few traders did trade remote but they weren't new...it's something they worked with their satelite office over time. I don't recommend that.

    The deal is preatty simple. The company gives you $400K - $600K and you just need to make money, which is the hardest thing to do probably. They will limit your daily losses if you're not being consistent and give you the 'high-five' when you do.

    I don't know if you're new or not, prop trading is a very tough job to make a living. It's one of the best jobs ever, but 8 out of 10 traders leave within 1-2 years without making more than 30-40K a year.

    Keep that in mind and good luck!
  10. that says it all. high fives win you make money and then phone calls and stares when you lose.
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