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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by lil' rich, Sep 21, 2006.

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  1. lil' rich

    lil' rich

    anybody know anything about these guys?:D
  2. does anyone know what these guys' policies are for HB-1 visa sponsorship?....Dev boren koru
  3. georgie


    "where did everybody go"?:(
  4. BRUT49


    Chicago Trading Services
    Chicago Trading Company
  5. lil' rich

    lil' rich

    for everyones guide......papa john's pizza has been restored every third alternate friday and will be served cold on the broken, balless foos ball table next to the 60 inch projection tv in the 40 square foot room set aside for the revenue earners.
  6. lil' rich

    lil' rich

    also......any problems with quotes and software are isolated incidents, and all losses are your responsibility.
  7. i see that carlin was bought by royal bank of canada...........what can i get for leased equipment and 12 horrible traders with visa issues?
  8. Fractal


    The above posters are shills for the company. Probably one person trying to get his no-name shop name recognized. Well done, bud. You know the real winners need to get their advertising done ghetto-style.
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Not open for further replies.