Spectre's Weight Loss Journal

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  1. 1/3/18

    241.1 lbs, felt pretty empty and dehydrated upon waking up. Stuck to diet. No foraging or random food intake. Had vegetarian sub with some chips for dinner.

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  2. 1/5/18


    Been drinking a glass of red wine or try to each night. No soda. If I lapse I punish myself by fasting a number of meals to make up for it.
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  3. If, while on a calorie-restrictive diet, you don't do resistance exercise in addition to your cardio, then you will lose muscle mass. If you lose sufficient muscle mass, then you will have difficulty losing additional weight. Your workouts should be hard, doctor permitting, so that you can activate all of your muscle fibers, particularly the fast twitch variety, and you should then focus on recovery. The older you are, the more recovery time you will need between hard bouts of exercise. If you work out hard but too frequently (insufficient recovery time between hard workouts), then, in due course, you will remain in a chronic state of catabolism, which encourages fat retention.
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  4. My shoulder span is pretty wide, I look mafioso with a nice suit on. I hate wearing suits. So loosing muscle might be okay to a point.
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  5. Losing muscle is never a good thing because, all else being equal, it slows down the metabolism. You will then have to eat even less just to maintain a given weight. I'd try to hang on to muscle as long as I could if I were you. And, to the extent naturally and reasonably possible, increase it. You'll be especially thankful in your later years.
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  6. 1/6/18


    Ate more than usual Friday night.
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  7. 1/8/18 morning weight

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  8. Visaria


    Excellent that u r keeping a daily record. I would suggest to you that you take readings of skinfold fat via calipers at various body points. This can be a weekly exercise.
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  9. What’s been working is, I don’t eat till I crave a specific food. Than I will limit that quantity to keep under 1900 calories per day. If I feel like I took in too much calories for 24hr period, I skip meals the next day. Been drinking lot more water, had maybe 2-3 cans of Mountain Dew since start of the year.

    I feel more energetic, mentally more sharper. I sleep less and feel rested. My pattern seems to work for me. In the past the weight would drop fast, but than I start getting cocky. Than blow my discipline, ends up being slippery slope. So this time, I won’t break it. I plan on building back up muscle mass around ~200 lbs. But still try to get to 190. The risk is discipline breaks during build up stage.
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  10. 1/10/18


    I’m close to 10lb mark, goal is 190 lbs, but at 200 start doing weight training. When I do weight training. I end up loading on ton of calories. And diet becomes a slippery slope.
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