Spectre: Tell him to stop posting!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Spectre2007, Sep 25, 2007.

Post or dont Post!

  1. Stop posting you fool!

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  2. Continue posting you wildandcrazyguy!

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  1. Stop posting or not.
  2. I see you voted for yourself. how noble!
  3. This is insane. But that's why I come to ET. :D
  4. oi vey,...ask the mods if i voted for myself. saxon get back to the market...your scarcity heuristic will come into play today.
  5. he just a wild and crazy guy..


    let him stay

  6. Using big words, impressive. Must be that psychology class you failed in high school which is finally paying off. Or... perhaps you are seeing a specialist???
  7. i voted to continue posting
    the more the merrier

  8. Then let him join a circus or a nut house, but keep him away from serious places where people are trying to make money.
  9. ooooh, keep trying LMAO :D
  10. 2006


    Spectre -- you are an attention whore with ADD.

    You can't stop posting it is your crack and you are addicted.
    #10     Sep 25, 2007