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  1. greetings,

    just recd an e-mail from "spectre level 4" trading technologies. it appears to be very intense software. has anyone ever tried this software ?? are these guys for real ?? it seems somewhat suspicious to me.


  2. still looking for anyone who has tried this software. i have never seen anything like it www.spectrenet.com any thoughts ??

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  4. thanks H. you gave me a starting point.


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    There's a pretty interesting discussion thread about spectre level iv at:


    You may want to join the group (it's free) and check it out.

    Hope this helps. :)
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    Do a search here at Elite. Their company presidents name is SL4CEO. He made quite a few posts about a year ago.
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    There's an sl4 voice chat room open during market hours that seems kind of interesting. it's at:


    Apparently, if people gain a "proficiency" in trading their methodology using the sl4 software, they'll put up their own capital for a person to trade. It's kind of like a cross between a hedge fund and a proprietary firm.
  8. Yeah, we had a great time with the guys from this company and their related brokerage. The software purports to use millions of algorithms to detect what MM's are doing and signal trades accordingly. A couple of simple questions, such as how do they know if the MM is spoofing, proved unanswerable and they mysteriously abandoned these boards, after making grandiose claims. A couple of members tried to sign up for the demo but apparently had problems.

    I will admit the product looks very cool and has some nice features, but I would be very careful.
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    Be suspicious. While I don't know squat about SL4, I do know that many people here at Elite tried to get the free trial after some. . . errr. . . pretty strong claims by a person who claimed to run the show over there. I do know they had a pretty cool looking website :D .
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    I had no trouble signing up for the demo. When was the last time you tried? Try talking directly to the people from the Trading Proficiency group if you still have trouble with getting a demo -- website's at "http://www.wallstreetprofessionaltraders.com".
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