Specs for a comp used only for charting/data ?

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    I'm getting a new workstation for charting and research only. The one I use now has an AMD turion 64 x2 TL-60 2.0 GHz processor.....4.0 GB of RAM...on vista.

    I run eSignal ( 5-7 charts, 5-60 minute bars ) and Market Delta ( 8 or so 5 minute charts ) and have an internet browser up for research/news. On the new comp I'll probably have a newswire up as well (currently its on another one).

    So I'm looking for a solid work horse that'll supply my charts/data as an addition to the workstation I trade on (front end software only on that one).

    I've been looking seriously at the Dell Studio XPS w/ 2.67GHz Intel Core i7 920 and 6 GB DDR3 RAM. W/ windows XP seems like it be a solid desktop that can do what I need.

    I'm not exceptionally computer savvy so I'd like advice on whether the Dell Studio XPS would be sufficient for what I need, if its more than enough, not enough, etc.....what else I may need.

    The old comp is being replaced because it has power issues and runs on vista which doesn't work well w/ eSignal...just not reliable enough for data everyday (seems to screw up something every other week).

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Big AAPL

    Big AAPL

    I like the Dell workstation setup and price, and the fact that it comes with XP makes it a solid and dependable machine. You didn't mention which video card you have chosen.

    Should be more than enough for a dedicated workstation.
  3. John47


    Well I need probably four monitors...so I'll probably go w/ the less expensive option w/ quad monitors....unless or would just be easier to swap out an aftermarket one.
  4. I sometimes run thinkorswim with as many as 80 charts on 1m bars and it uses something like 10% of my CPU and a few hundred MB of memory on my laptop. I don't see how you'd need more than a $200 desktop running XP for basic charts and browsing.

    (Note I don't normally trade that way, I just sometimes like to get the big picture by opening up all my layouts including indices, core sectors, currencies, futures, equities etc.)
  5. John47


    This comp is going to be my source for news as well. Trading is my full time career. I'd rather pay $1000-$1500 bucks for something that'll be a real workhorse w/ all that software, than something that might start freezing every other day.

    However....I did just see this on the best buy website and it $436 and seems to have me covered?


    4gb ram expandable to 8gb w/ a quad core AMD....quad core but only 1.8GHz though? Is that the catch?
  6. I have had a Dell T3400 Precision Workstation with 4 gigs of RAM and an Intel Core2-Duo Wolfsdale E8200 Processor at 2.60 GHz with a 6mb L2 cache and dual Nvidia NVS-290 graphics cards for the last 2 years now. I use Windows XP Pro.

    The Wolfsdale chip runs at only 65 watts as opposed to some of the hotter Intel chips that are currently running at 95 watts. I can always upgrade this LGA-775 socket based chip to an E8500 at 3.16 for $190 on NewEgg, or the E8600 at 3.33 GHz for $270 at a later date. Right now, my trading platform and software needs are easily met with my current processor and RAM.

    I paid $900 for the entire rig and it supports 4 monitors. I use DTN "IQ-Feed" ( which recently got upgraded for less demand on the CPU, and greater bandwidth ) as my data-feed.

    Couldn't be happier with my set-up.
    No problems at all.
  7. John47


    I'll probably end up going with the same setup actually. Just inquiring about the comp posted.

    I use a Dell Precision w/ quadcore as my trading machine and like it alot.

    I need to upgrade my IQfeed as well.
  8. I do all the crap you're talking about on a single core AMD 3500 with 2 gig of ram,


    If you want to throw away an extra thousand on a gaming rig, be my guest.
  9. John47


    I'm sure you do, glad you saved the extra grand. It just doesn't make sense for me to not pay it....even if there's barely a chance it'll make a difference. I trade futures w/ pretty big size (5 or 10k cars/day)...a half tick either way is 1250-2500 up or down. So what kind of an asshole would I be if I skimp on my data? Even w/ membership I pay more in fees everyday, its not a big deal to save a few bucks if it means a computer that could be a bit faster.
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