Specs are Obama's best friend........for now

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by fhl, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. fhl


    Every time specs punish the market or sector that Obama purports to "help" , the Obama team goes into action and proceeds to blame GW Bush. He's gotten away with it every time so far and his polls stay up/go up. Then he gets to announce another great socialist cure for all the ills Bush has left us.

    But when the realization begins to set in to the masses that Obama is the cause to the carnage, and articles like this are a start,
    then you'll see the Obama team turn against us specs with a fury that would make you think we're Rush Limbaugh. Uptick rule will be back, ultra short etf's will be history,(maybe any short etf), and they Will talk seriously about a transaction tax.

    You see, specs are what stand between Obama and his socialist wet dreams. The two Cannot coincide. There can be no detente between the two. One must go. It is obvious.

    How many divisions does the CME have? That is the question.
  2. Maybe we'll be fortunate in having the market decline all through his Poser's reign... and the world will wake up with "something wrong"?

    And then be rid of him... Hopefully the damage he leaves behind won't be catastrophic.
  3. Why do they think the above will improve market conditions and more importantly the economy? Always doing the opposite of what they should at great cost. Makes one believe that things are done wrong intentionally.

    Human nature goes against expletive-ism. Most humans still left with a will to live try to find a way around the obstacles the government sets up. If it's so bleepin good, why do most not want it. Only the squeaky ones want it.

    Take away the motivation of all individuals, and the great society trying to be created will fail.

    Always trying to manage and alter the free individual's behavior by force and compulsion and saying that is what will correct all your problems. History says it never works. Usually leads to all sorts of suffering.

    But it's going to be different this time. We got the right people to implement the program. Not.