Specific Trading Strategies and Setups (add your own and help refine the posted ones)

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by Anti-Hershey, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. The purpose of this thread will be the refinement and creation of short & medium term trading strategies. I will start with a list of 4 strategies that I use. These are some strategies that I gleaned out of many books and then refined to suit my style. Download the attachment (see the thread below), it clearly outlines 4 of the strategies that my company uses.

    Please post your own specific strategies and setups or offer ways to refine the attached strategies. Thanks in advance for your participation.
  2. Here are the 4 Strategies:
  3. swingset


    :D thanks... good and simple strategies...
  4. well, this didnt get as much love as i had hoped for so far. in my mind this type of strategy discussion is the most valuable thing you could do on ET, If anyone knows of other ACTIVE threads that specifically address refinement and development of short term systems please post the link here, ive been looking for months :(
  5. thanks,,