specific FX broker or general US stock / options broker with FX facility

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Sophie, Jan 28, 2021.

  1. Sophie


    l use to do some fx trading with IB when l needed currency for countries l visited. Their fx rates were superior to retail banks, incl HSBC premiere. I was informed, IB's fx rates were interbank rates. Is there a broker who provides interbank fx rates preferably without charging hidden fees, like inactivity, data fees, telegraphic fees? For the very occasional fx transaction. ~ few times a year. of course there will be well over a hundred transactions for US stocks and options if the broker provides this service too. Suggestions?
  2. rkr


    I'm not entirely sure about retail. You might be able to get in FCStone. If I recall they have a white label of Currenex under their StoneX platform, and you're getting JPM through prime-of-prime.

    Otherwise I recommend RBS and Jefferies. Citi if you have a significant balance sheet.
  3. I hate TDAm's thinkorswim platform for FX, but I use them anyway because I can quickly shift my funds anytime I wish between FX, stocks, and futures. For me, that overshadows their platform's inferior level of user-friendliness for FX trading.