Specific entry and exit points books?

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  1. I have seen many candlestick pattern books where they explain the doji, the bullish engulfing pattern, books from Steve Nison, Steven Bigalow and other authors and they all say almost the same thing.

    However in these books, they dont tell you the exact entry price, stop loss, and profit target.

    Does anyone knows some books where this is clearly explained?
    something like says:

    If you find a doji at the end of an uptrend and with a gap up from the previous day close. Then you need to short that stock at 5 cents below the doji low.
    Put a protective stop at the doji high, and the profit should be :

    Am I asking too much? To be honest, these books explaining patterns without specific entry and exit points are almost useless for beginners.
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    Al Brooks' Reading Price Charts Bar By Bar is a comprehensive price action course for intermediate/advanced traders. He provides information on exactly where to enter, and how to manage risk (stop loss). Profit targets are flexible. I personally base my profit taking on how price reacts when it trades at each support and resistance level in line (assuming I'm not stopped out first).

    Because price bars in isolation are meaningless, Brooks explains the context and subsequent price action that signals the high probability trades.