specific diferences between mini hang seng & regular hang seng. mhi & hsi?

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  1. ive never traded futures before and im interested in trading the hang seng. i know that you can make more money trading the hsi but im more interested in finding out the specific times these are traded? could someone please tell me when these are traded in new york time? thanks
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  3. Be Careful!

    I haven't looked at these for a while but it is the craziest market I have ever seen.

    Your stops could get blow through in fast markets making risk management very difficult.

    I would look at options or spreading to limit risk
  4. i was hoping the mini was similar to the mini dow jones that can be traded almost 24 hours a day. so thats impossible to do with the hang seng? i wanted to be able to buy it at like 4pm ny time somehow. is there any different futures for the hang seng that trades during the day in the u.s?

    you guys know how if theres a big pullback for like a week with both the u.s and china. well at the end of the pull back lets say all the sudden the dow skyrockets and recovers. as soon as i see the dow recover during the day i wanted to be able to invest in the hangseng immediately thinking that they will follow suit that night. what do you guys think is the best way to play this stradegy? if i cant do the hang seng then can you please recommend at least something chinese that follows suit with the hs that i can buy during the day in the u.s? thanks
  5. The ETF symbol EWH is closely correlated with HSI/MHI. If you want leverage, there may be an SSF geared off it, but I doubt there is reasonable liquidity, and spreads must be awful. I think are some 'China' futures traded during US hours - again, I don't think liquidity is that great.

    You might also look at some of the larger constituents of the HSI as many of them have ADRs trading in the US. HBC, PTR and SNP come to mind. Also the Taiwan ETF (EWT) is correlated, but not perfectly.
  6. The best way to play this strategy is to put it in the "sounds too good to be true" basket and look for something that is tradable.

    If it was tradable someone would have beat you to it.
  7. how is it to good to be true when you can trade the mini dow almost 24 hours a day. if i lived in china i would be able to buy dow futures during the day in china. so im thinking why cant we do the same thing in the u.s.

    the EWH etf is a good idea but its not really volitile enough for me. i wish it was a leveraged 3x etf. me personally. my favorite american etf if tna which is leveraged 3x. does anyone know if theres a leveraged one? i tried messing with the xpp-FTSE/Xinhua China 25 Index-2x leveraged. but it doesnt mimic the hang seng properly and its to hard for me to trade.

    can anyone provide some more info about the hbc, ptr, and snp on what would be good for me and the times its traded in the u.s? guys, i appreciate your time.
  8. ive been thinking about this and i think the only thing that makes sence is the EWH. does anyone know if theres a leveraged etf for this?

    my other option is buying the hang seng at 4am after it plumits and then hold on to it untill the next day hoping it goes up. i just didnt want to have to stay awake till 4am in the morning.