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  1. First im not trying to sell anything. Im hoping to use this thread to post trades and get critiqued on bad trades. Feel free to call me out and say WTF were you thinking. In the end I hoping constuctive critisim makes me a better trader.
    So here are todays trades:

    TF Short 7@ 645.80 (yesterday close)
    TF Cover 1@ 643.70 23:30
    TF Cover 1@ 642.90 07:00
    TF Cover 1@ 641.90 07:05
    TF Short 1@ 644.80 09:26
    TF Cover 1@ 642.70 09:45
    TF Cover 1@ 639.80 09:51
    TF Cover 1@ 639.80 09:56
    TF Cover 1@ 635.30 10:12
    TF Cover 1@ 633.10 14:37

    CL Short 4@ 7848 10:16
    CL Cover 1@ 7843 10:17
    CL Cover 1@ 7837 10:17
    CL Cover 1@ 7846 10:26
    CL Cover 1@ 7846 10:26

    CL Long 1 @ 7806 14:06
    CL Close1 @ 7816 14:06
    CL Long 1 @ 7813 14:11
    CL Long 1 @ 7803 14:12
    CL Close2 @ 7823 14:15
    CL Long 1 @ 7817 14:15
    CL Long 1 @ 7801 14:21
    CL Long 1 @ 7791 14:36
    CL Close3 @ 7799 14:52
  2. I like your format, makes it easier to follow than posting live trades. you did well waiting for confirmation during the 10am hour with oil. But on days like this don't you wish you just put your short on left the house? What time frames you use? Trading the daily with emas across the spectrum made today easy to stay short with an oh shit stop at 80.40. But as usual I took profits to early.

    Nice Work!
  3. Thanks, wish I would have just slept in with the TF trade. I have been bearish crude all week but was jumpy since it was Friday and contract expires in 6days.
    Im using a 5 and 30min chart. I use bollinger bands on a 5min to gauge when its overextended. Or close out when it takes out the last 5min candlesick high or low.
  4. Im posting todays numbers as a jpg. Less time consuming for me. As of right now im -4 CL
    Closed the day
    ES +1100
    CL +3900 right now

    I know I made a couple of mistakes today in the CL. Best example is trying to pick a top and short it. Because of that im still short.
  5. scale in scale out I like it! I'm not sure what you were seeing when you were buying this morning in the low 78's? Did you have a stop before you scaled in at lower prices? Today really pissed me off when it breached 77.50 I was like oh boy i'm getting short big time around 78 this f'er is going to 75 but no it just kept drifting up and I got stopped out at 78.60ish. But I'm short again at the close and will short more at 79.60. I should have quit at 9am :mad:
  6. I was buying cause there appeared to be no selling pressure in the stock futures plus the s&p support held overnight. Also the support range in cl today was 7700-7740. Looked to be one of those days they run stops at the open then reverse position since there was no followthru selling.
    I did not enter any stops since there was a reversal candle at 905. I just kept a eye on it. If I did enter a stop it would have been at 7690. But I would have reversed if the indexs would have opened lower for 15minutes
  7. I did not post last half of last week cause I was out of town. Yesterday made 1k and carried -6 cl overnight. They were reversed this morning. Carry +8 overnight currently a profit of 4800. Going for a swing trade with it. I know I made one mistake today buying 3@74.97. Was a buy stop. Should have let 74.97 print then buy them on the pullback, or bailed on them when the market didn't run.