Discussion in 'Trading' started by traderman, Dec 14, 2002.

  1. Any specialists on this board?
  2. I'm special!:p
  3. A few specialists seem to be my buddies. We take the same side a lot. Does that count?
  4. jeffgus


    I am a free agent and need to be drafted......I want to be on your team. I run a 4.2 40 and can make 10 SP points a day!:eek:
  5. ok for the more serious folks around ...

    i was wondering what the research groups at some of the specialist firms are like? Do they supply research and news to the specialists? Why would any of the floor the traders need research ... don't they already know what's happening with the stock anyways?
  6. jeffgus


    Just joking...i would also like to know, but their club is pretty close and do not help out the common trader with much help. Their edge is becoming less and less each week. I do not think that will open their bag of tricks. Plus they are thieves.