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    and either did remarks from schoolyard bullies, school yard jerks etc because as children growing up on South Side of Chicago in mixed schools we were exposed to many smart cracks from others. This week we saw many get all out of shape as Don Imus cracked a nasty, like that was something new from him or something.

    how come grown ups could not handle it like we did as kids and just stick our tongue out and say: "STICKS AND STONES WILL BREAK MY BONES, BUT WORDS WILL NEVER HURT ME!!!!"

    As grown up traders (some of us actually trade) we say the same thing to the specialists etc. ..

    How many really watched Imus anyway? Not many, most were watching SIMPSONS or FOX NEWS. ..
    :D Bill O'Reilly is better than Imus. ya, right.
  2. I used to watch Imus at 6:00 AM. He's a Pro.

    Poor Don.

    He co-operated in his own lynching...
    By people masquerading as "Christians"...
    Who will always Hate him because he is White and outspoken.

    There is a lesson here for all of you.

    You can NEVER appease people that hate you...
    So don't even try...
    But treat them as the Mortal Enemies that they are...
    And do not EVER give them an inch.
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    this whole Imus thing is ridiculous..Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are two of the biggest whore's in america and i cannot believe cbs let those idiots get to them. he was not being racist,he was being descriptive in a rather crude manner. Sharpton and Jackson should be more concerned about how 80% of black children are born out of wedlock.
  4. Hell I hadn't even heard of Imus let alone how to tune in to his programs....XMSR or SIRI should pick him up.
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    yeah hound, dont get angry - just get even!:cool:
  6. Sharpton and Jesse Jackson totally piss me off. Look at what happened with the duke case(up yours sharpton/jackson). Imus getting fired for a few words and forty years plain forgotten.

    I can't wait for the day when it happens to the both of them. Karma is like a boomerang.
  7. Coz kids have very few legal rights, adults just sue on spec.

    Heck, in certain circumstances you could prolly be arrested for sticking your tongue out.:p
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    I don't know about sticking your tongue out, but it was my understanding that a rule was instituted at some colleges that you could be charged with racial insensitivity and brought before the appropriate hearing boards for "laughing at an inappropriate time."