specialist tricks this week

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by ryanmitcho, Feb 14, 2003.

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    i am putting together nysetraders post about the 5000 vs. the 1000 share trades. does the specialist jerk around the little guy, or the big guy? i think i have this mixed up.
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  2. a trader could expect to get better treatment with a 5k order than a 1k, as the 5k order represents more liquidity. You wouldn't want to piss off someone who could provide you with substantially more order flow. (course I never go over 2000 so I'm no authority.)
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  4. Are they turning them?
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  5. dont let a scrub or 2 around here who pose as shooters fool you....the specialists will try to take your dough
    no matter the size ........so every second be ready to battle
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    I also wonder why you say "ABOVE ALL, YOU GOTTA DO SIZE" when i logged into chat room it you were only trading 1 lots.
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    We're grown adults fighting over money!

    or at least some of us
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  8. here's how it works: the specialist is out to make money for himself and/or his firm, but they are kept accountable by strict nyse rules and oversight of what constitutes a "fair and orderly market"...the main rule being they can facilitate but not initiate.

    some specialists try to get away with as much as they can and others are more than fair...I used to trade two dow stocks and personally made up 1% of their daily volume by helping the specialists facilitate...I've been robbed more often by initiating (eg, buying into a bull run), but have been given many great fills by facilitating--especially when using size.
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  10. anyone else noticing that the specialists are taking longer to update their books?? if you traded FNM or FRE today you would know what i am talking about- definitely not updated every 10 sec- more like 30-40 seconds. they should really watch specialists more cause these assholes get away with some shady stuff everyday.
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