Special war tax idea.

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  1. Anytime we go to a war ie: Iraq for example. Anyone earning over 1.5M a year has to pay 70% taxes during the duration of the combat/war.

    This way if you want war to profit on it, you pay for it.
  2. What if you make >1.5M and oppose the war? I have a better idea. Any member of congress that supports the war must have their children/grandchildren immediately join a front line infantry unit. Any corporation that will profit from the war, all children and grandchildren of senior management must be in a front line infantry unit. Any individual supporting the war that has children of age must send those children into combat.
    Put up or shut up. We'll see how many "wars" we fight. Many of us have grown weary of protecting YOUR precious freedom. Time for the hawks to step up and do their own work for a change.
  3. I have a better idea.

    Every politican who decides for doing war, must fight at the front, instead of the soldiers.

    Then we will see, how many of them dictator like assholes who decide above the life of innocent people, will vote for doing war.


    Imagine, it would be war and noone would go there.

    Its time to evolute us into a peacefule respectful species, its time my friends.:) :) :) :D :mad: :mad: :mad:
  4. Yep, I have been hoping for that my whole life. Again, being accused of kumbaya, but what the hell, can't we progress without going to war every few years?

  5. Love the ideas in this thread :)
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    Long ago a constitutional amendment was proposed in which:

    (1) America could only go to war by a direct vote of the citizenry.

    (2) Anybody who voted for the war would be eligible for conscription, those who vote against would not be.

    That was an excellent idea that, alas, did not pass.

    I for one would be delighted to see Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, Gingrich, Santorum, and Romney all dodging IEDs in some God forsaken village in Iraq.
  7. Yeah!

  8. Amazing idea and post.Lets see how many of those chicken hawk warmongers would be voting for war then
  9. Luke and Maxi and Two Songs and PSPR . . . . what are you guys opinions. :D .
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    You're an idiot/poster child for the left.
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