Special Theory of Price Discovery (STOPD)

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  1. Has anyone of you used this STOPD written by Lawrence Chan of Neoticker ? Please share your views or opinions about the same.

    Auction Based Trading Markets Are Unfair By Design
    Most of the trading markets nowadays are open auction markets. Auction markets are designed to favour players with intimidating position size capacities.

    Read STOPD to learn the truth and start to observe market behaviour in a totally different way.

    The Structure is Hidden in Plain Sight
    Classic technical analysis suffers from fragmented trading setups and incoherent interpretations, making it difficult to apply in real-life situation.

    STOPD provides you with a framework to read the markets fluently as if you are holding onto a GPS at a crossroad.

    The Key to Profitability is the Exit Not the Entry
    Price pattern recognition and trading setups give you trading entries but failed miserably in providing the all important target zones to exit your trades.

    STOPD gives you the structural target when price reacts at structural price level – taking out the guesswork and improve your profitability quickly as it can be integrated with your existing trading strategies easily.[/QUOTE]


    PS: I know that Lawrence post updates about it on ET, but other then him, I hardly see anyone posting on those threads ! If anyone here uses STOPD ?
  2. From the website:

    You Can Maximize Your Profit Potential Too!

    Learn the Hidden Structure in Trading Markets Now.


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    I knew there was a "hidden structure" and it's amazing you know how this works!! you should be super rich.

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  3. Blue Turtle, thanks for your reply.

    I would like to clarify that I am NOT the vendor of the above mentioned material. This is the research work done by Lawrence Chan who is very well known on this forum. He is the owner of Neoticker company.

    I have started this thread to get the views of those traders who have practically used this thing. Do they feel it has got any real value or is it just some hypothetical theory.

  4. You can follow his weekly predictions based on his STOPD levels here:


    Basically, he`s calculating levels based on the prior week`s range and range expansion, but he also applies it on the opening range and on a daily basis.

    Personally, I`m not completely sold on it, but I think Lawrence is a great guy and I for one have learned a lot from him. So, for the price of the book, it is worth checking out, even if pick up only one useful idea.
  5. Thanks for your valuable reply Laissez Faire.

    Yes, I am aware that he is respected a lot by some guys and his software Neoticker is definitely Excellent.

    As you have mentioned a bit about the weekly levels etc. I want to know whether he has EXPLAINED the method / reasons / logic behind these levels and other stuff that he posts on daytradingbias. Why and how he calculates these and what are the practical importance etc ?

    Or we simply have to believe in these levels without having any understanding of what they are and how are they calculated etc. ?

    Does those paid pdf books contains the proper explanations or not ?

    Thanks a lot
  6. Occam


    This sounds wrong to me. Size is a challenge, not an advantage, especially today, as you can't "intimidate" an algorithm. If you try to use size to "intimidate" in today's market, a dispassionate algorithm will either ignore it or take it in a milisecond, in the latter case handing you a big loss in return for your effort at manipulation.
  7. In this case, bots in aggregation become the dominating group because they all behave similarly and in turn they get to control the price action.

    As I demonstate in my real-time chat again and again, this will result in short term bias that retail traders can take advantage of. All the real-time chat threads are preserved and available for free to anyone who is serious about learning how to trade.

    My real-time chat is free so is most of the resources provided in the site. Check it out and decide for yourself.
  8. Why? :

    1. Go long on first trading day between 10th to 13th of a month

    2. Go long on first trading day between 26th to 29th of a month

    With all due respect,

    To me it looks, smells, and sounds like a simple curve-fit.
  9. #1 op ex week bias

    #2 month end bias

    It is good that you ask the question.
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