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    This is my first post, I searched through the forum a little and didn't see a similar question but if I missed it, please feel free to link.

    I'm looking to put together a data system through and an API (ideally using Excel) to follow special situations taking place in public markets. I plan to use IB to execute trades but would like to know if there are better and more user friendly alternatives out there.

    Ideally, the data/information feed(s) would provide me with access to
    (i) Special situations lists (bankruptcies, spin-offs, recapitalizations, m&a activity, and SPACs)
    (ii) Top-of-book real-time quotes throughout the company's capital structure (loans, bonds, convertibles, preferred equity, common equity, & warrants). Bonds, common shares, and warrants being most important​

    From all this data I'd like to have it hook up through an Excel API and be able to create a list for each type of situation (each on separate sheets in the same workbook) and make some simple calculations with the bid-ask quotes of the company's securities. I don't need the fastest speeds in the world since these trades will take place over several months to a year but I would like to be able to search through a lot of different companies on different lists so I presume it still needs to be a powerful/fast API. I know some of this information is obscure and might be costly but I'd like to take a look at my options.

    Thank you for any and all assistance! This is my first time setting up a system such as this so if I said anything incorrectly or could be doing something more efficiently please let me know.
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    Algoseek delivers real-time data for all major US asset classes, including stock, options, futures, Forex, and Crypto (coming soon). Our low-latency infrastructure is located in the same data centers as NYSE, NASDAQ, BATS, IEX, and the other top exchanges. With direct connections to exchange feeds, algoseek brings low-latency feeds to our clients. We provide normalized custom data feeds in the following formats:
    • Top of Book (normalized)
    • Full Order Book (normalized)
    • Aggregated: Up to 60 feeds, 1 sec, 15 sec, 1 min bars
    • Custom feeds per client's request
    • All research dataset available as real-time feeds
    Our historical market data is adjusted to account for corporate events such as dividend, merge/spinoff, split, etc.
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    Bloomberg terminal is your best bet.
    Subscribe to all the data
    You will also get access to screeners to find those special situation stocks and integrated access to the relevant documents (filings, etc).

    this is a laborious process and you will obviously need a lot of resources as the devil is in all the details.
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    I think spikeet.com may be an ideal solution to look at, since we let you sift through the whole market with no-code, queries you can run with words, and we output everything into spreadsheets , just like you intend to !