Special Report on Direct Access Brokers

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    The following website lists and describes numerous direct access brokers:


    You have to scroll down a LONG discussion of why people should NOT daytrade to get to the list, which is somewhat amusing because at this end of this discussion is the most comprehensive list and comparative description of direct access brokers that I have found.

    I am a novice in this area so I cannot evaluate the information in the report, but the writer, whose name is Don Johnson, seems to be a careful researcher. The report was last updated April 24, 2001 according to the author.

    Because I am new to daytrading, I am searching the internet for information. I thought this may be a useful resource, so decided to post it here. Evaluative comments from more experienced daytraders would be welcomed.

    Also, I noticed that on the training offered on this site, Elite Trader, has an Appendix that gives the best brokers for daytrading. That's another resource I thought I would mention.

    I have no connection to Don Johnson or his site, and none to Elite Trader.

    Good Trading
  2. It's a nice list but the comments are really old. I think Elitetrader has a good thing going here if they can keep it up.
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    Thanks for letting me know the comments in the special report are old.
    I agree that Elite Trader has a good thing going. I have just about memorized the new Workstation Guide--it is absolutely great and came just in the nick-of-time for me.
    As a novice trader, I have trouble getting an overview of other topics, such as Brokers and Software, on Elite Trader. I have read most, if not all, threads under every topic in Discussions and have struggled to understand and integrate the various statements. It would probably help if I took the training offered by the site, but I am not ready for that yet.
    My thinking is that by posting other resoures on Elite Trader, I help Elite Trader become the place to find resources. Your response seems to imply that you think I am making a statement against Elite Trader when I post other resources here. Is that what you are thinking, or did I misunderstand?

  4. Nah ..more info the better.

    There are other good spots on the web as well such as Silicon Investor, Daytradingstocks.com and Yahoo Groups. Lots of community out there on the web with lots of FREE information.

    Sometimes it just takes a little time to find them.