Special Olympics bowler: I can beat the president!

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  1. Is Obama up to the challenge?

    Special Olympics bowler: I can beat the president!

    ANN ARBOR, Mich. – The top bowler for the Special Olympics looks forward to meeting President Barack Obama in an alley.

    "He bowled a 129. I bowl a 300. I could beat that score easily," Michigan's Kolan McConiughey (KO-lahn Mc-KAHNA-he) told The Associated Press in an interview Friday.

    The athletic-minded president made an offhand remark Thursday on "The Tonight Show" comparing his weak bowling to "the Special Olympics or something." He quickly apologized and told the Special Olympics chairman he wants to have some of its athletes visit the White House to bowl or play basketball.

    McConiughey, who is mentally disabled, is just the bowler for the job. He's bowled five perfect games since 2005.

    The 35-year-old McConiughey has been bowling since he was 8 or 9. His advice for Obama? Practice every day.
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    Can you imagine the screaming outrage if a republican or conservative had made a remark like that. The loony left would be shitting in their panties.
  3. Doesn't sound like Kolan McConiughey is offended.

    I guess he doesn't suffer from the same mental handicap as the ET republicans...

  4. Obama was clearly out of line with that gaffe, and he quickly apologized.

    Then go back to what Michael Weiner (aka "Savage") said about autistic children, and how he kept defending his clueless, heartless commentary on disability.

    There is simply no comparison. Obama is by far the classier of the two.
  5. Special Olympics bowler:
    I can beat the president, in a game of trival pursuit and he can use his teleprompter.
  6. No kidding. I'm shocked that Obama would let something like that slip on national television.

    By the way, it's pretty predictable that the leading member of the loony left won't admit that this was an embarrassing gaffe and offensive to Special Olympians. Just another example of the intellectual dishonesty we've come to expect.
  7. The only one with class is the special needs bowler.

    To be more plain, Obama said he bowls like a retard.
    It shows to me that Obama has not spent time nor had a special needs friend
    For someone who was a leader in a church and a community organizer and an elected Representative of the people it is very hard to understand.

    Since community leaders and politicians spend so much time with disadvantaged people that use of language is not even present in their subconscious.

    This is proof that Obama has a low IQ and is a phony.
  8. I wonder if Reverend Al and Jesse will take to the streets and protest. After all, numerous African-American kids take part in Special Olympics....nah, if the target ain't whitey, there ain't gwan to be no marchin'.
  9. On a serious note he did make a good statement about how jobs in engineering, science, and medicine are sorely needed in this country. I also agree that playing with money that comes out of thin air isn't helping our economy one bit.
  10. Doubt it, although as we all know, Obama's election has been a disaster for Sharpton and his crowd.
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