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    Spend every trading day free for one month with me in my virtual trading room as Toni, Myself and our assistants track and trade stocks and emini's!

    Each day in the TFMS Live Trading Rooms is like going to an expensive stock market seminar with two exceptions: Everything we teach works, and we prove it to you day after day in REAL TIME. After reach trade is completed a a chart of the entire trade is posted and a thorough explanation of the trade takes place to insure that you profit not only in the market, BUT IN YOUR MIND AS WELL. After the explanation you will be free to ask any remaining questions you have, nothing is off limits with us, all questions will be addressed.

    Be privy to our live market commentary explaining our thought processes as the day moves on and we develop and implement our strategy. We will you through market action during all the active periods to insure you are not getting hurt and are in a position to profit as soon as our opportunities appear. You will lean how a professional evaluates opportunities as they come along, and once the evaluation is done how it is put into action. We will post charts of the markets action and our trades which show the reason for the trade and its progress from start to finish. Nothing is left out and we don't hide behind best case numbers like most other rooms. You will be able to go back and review the charts yourself along with the lesson that is given for the trade. Additionally, unlike most other rooms Toni and I are available throughout the day via private message to help you one on one with trades. In addition to this we have a steady membership base of long term members, most of whom are willing to spend time sharing their experience and helping you.

    As a member of either or both of the TFMS Live Trading Rooms you will learn

    -How to find the high percentage setups that occur every day in the market. Most traders shoot from the hip and sadly their trading accounts show this fact very clearly. You will learn how we take advantage of the market when it is trending up, down or sideways.

    -When to trade and when to sit. One of the most important lessons, and one that unfortunately due to relationships with brokerage firms and other factors most trading services have a vested interested in NOT teaching you. The simple fact is that being a day trader does not mean trading every single day: Knowing which days to trade and which days to sit aside before the market is closed can literally save you hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

    -How to trade the gap. Simply stated a gap is the most powerful event on a chart, but most people haven't a clue as to how to take advantage of it. Being able to apply this one nugget of knowledge, which you are exposed to every day in the TFMS Rooms, can make you millions of dollars.

    -How to incorporate multiple timeframes into your trading. Most traders are so busy looking at their 1 minute and 5 minute charts that they neglect the big picture. Even those that do look at bigger timeframes tend to do it in the wrong way, costing them money and opportunities every day. We will show you how to have the larger potential gain of the bigger timeframes, but take the smaller risk which is found only in the smaller timeframes, on all of your trades. This too can make you hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars.

    -Money Management. Most traders use either too much, or not enough leverage in their trading. A mistake in money management can seriously reduce your chance of success even if every other part of your game is in perfect order.

    I look forward to meeting you and sharing my hard won knowledge with you each and every trading day. Regardless of your being a new trader just learning, or are currently trading professionally and would like to improve your skills the TMFS Live Trading Rooms are the one place you are sure to learn the proper skills that give you a chance this competitive market.

    In March we will be raising the rate for our room package to $195 a month for either room or $325 per month for both. However, if you take advantage of this special 4 week trial being offered to Elite Trader members we will guarantee you the $195 monthly rate for both rooms. Simply go to our homepage, www.tradingfrommainstreet.com click on the free trial and make a notation that you are coming from Elite Trader.

    After you have spent a month with us for free, if you like what your investment will be less than $10 a day.

  2. This is part of an email I received from you in November:

    "Additionally, by signing up now you will be grandfathered in at the
    current $195/month rate and will not be subject to future rate increases
    as long as you remain an active member"

    How can you be raising your rates to $195/mth if they were already $195/mth back in November?
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    In the past we have done all of our Emini trading and stock trading in the same room. Over the last month we have been testing out how it would go to have one room for Emini's, one room for stocks. It has gone very well overall so we are going to make it perminant. Each room on its own will be $195, or $325 a month for both. However, if you are a member before the switch takes place you will still have both rooms for your original rate.

  4. How many members do you have in either room Brandon? Size of a chat room community is important to me, to get different ideas..
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    We have about 140 membes total. At any given time we have between 50 and 80 people in either room.

  6. Brandonf

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    When you sign up for the free trial you get an autoscript that goes out to you. It says you have a 2 week free trial. Those of you who make the note that you are coming from ET will get 4 weeks though.

  7. flier6



    How many e-mini trades do you average in the room on a given day. I know every day is different, just give me an average?

    What size stops and targets do you typically use?

    What is your winning percentage over the last month?

  8. Brandonf

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    The following thread I did in November was dedicated exclusively to my Emini calls and trades. It was a fairly typical month. http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=10439

    Recently the Emini's seem to be a lot choppier then they have been at other times, so the frequency of trades is a bit lower- but this is a good representation of what I do on a consistent basis. The last page gives the wrap up from the month.

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    A few people have asked when the offer will expire. We have had a pretty good reply too it, I will let anyone take advantage of it until Friday of this week.

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    We have had a pretty good reply from ET members requesting the 4 week trail. We are still getting some people coming in to request it, so Im going to extend it another two weeks. If anyone is interested just sign up and make a note that you are from ET, we will give you a four week trial.

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