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    It was just a week ago that we presented our 6-hour seminar at Elite Trader. We have been overwhelmed with positive feedback. One of the reasons we started Trading From Main Street was out of a love of teaching we had no idea that so many people would be helped so much.

    Last week during the seminar a handful of traders made comments regarding how much time and money they have spent with other educational firms and how they got more out of one afternoon with us then from months at other sites.

    Both of us would really like to help you further improve your trading performance. The best way to do that is to take your education with us to the next level. We are inviting you to be our guest in our Live Trading Room. As our personal guest you will be able to interact with us in real time throughout the trading day and trade our best setups. Using our methodologies, you will learn how we select trading setups, set your stops, set your targets and much more.

    Be our personal guest in Trading From Main Street‘s Live Trading Room for two full weeks. We normally charge $195 for a one-month access to the Live Trading Room. In addition, as our guest you can purchase ½ hour of personal mentoring with Toni or me for only $50.00. This is a $150 value.

    And our offer gets even better! If at any time during the thirty minutes mentoring you are not satisfied we will not charge you the $50.00. We are the only online trading room willing to offer anything remotely close to this, which speaks for itself and the integrity of our company.

    Most traders fail in the market, not because they do not have enough knowledge in trading, but simply because they don't know how to apply that knowledge in a real-time trading environment. By trading with Toni and I in real-time, you will learn to apply that knowledge. Together we will create a clear path for you to follow to becoming a successful trader.

    If you would like to be our special guest for two-weeks in the Live Trading Room and participate in our ½ hour mentoring special please click below. In the coupon box type Mentoring and you will be contacted to set up an appointment. Act now to begin your journey with Trading From Main Street and bring your trading to a higher level.

    Live Trading Room / Mentoring Guest Offer: http://tfms.webhost4life.com/freetrialproduct.html

    If you would like to see how we call the market click here to sign up for our Free Focus letter. http://tfms.webhost4life.com/newsletterprod.html

    All my best,

    Brandon Fredrickson
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