Special army to be deployed on American soil just before Nov. elections

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  1. 1. That pic wasn't taken in the USA
    2. Those aren't American Military Forces.
    3. What's the point of posting that pic?!?!?!?!
  2. Have you read the article ?
    Just because picture is from recent demonstration across the world, why does that make the article UNTRUE for you.
    I would appreciate response to my questions, thanks
  3. Considering that the democrats are about to get voted completely out, I would say some violence would start brewing from them. Especially when the first day the republicans or libertarians get voted in, their first order of business is to repeal the health care bill. I think some liberal nutjobs are going to go nuts.

    Why would the tea party go postal if they get healthcare repealed? Maybe if the elections were rigged or Obama said "no elections this year or next year...not until health care is up and running. Then their would be gunfire.
  4. Yes I read the article.
    I've known many fine Americans who have served as commissioned officers in our Military, and I can tell you, with at least as much anecdotal evidence as that article has, that the vast majority of American Military Commanders will not, repeat, will NOT order those in their command to fire upon innocent, unarmed citizens.
    What question did you ask that I didn't answer?
    Notice I never stated that the picture you posted was proof to me that the article wasn't true.
  5. Do the rest of you realize there is something wrong with the US dollar.
    Canadian loonie as of right now is stronger than the US dollar.

    Dollar could be in trouble very soon, that would quickly wake up Americans as to what's going on.
  6. If you were sitting next to me right now. I would bet you 10 k you are wrong. When people are told to do it or lose their pension and salary.

    People are ready to do anything. US soldiers are just as poor as average Americans
  7. Save us GRothschild! Save us!
  8. pspr


    Where did you come from? Go away! This is a trading forum not a government conspiracy theory forum.
  9. Funny thing. Imagine that they are Chinese troops.

    Might be a common sight on American streets in thirty years.
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