Spec screwing around DY

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by lp3yc, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. lp3yc


    Can someone please look at the attached T&S and tell me how prints can consistently go off about 20c outside the bid/ask.

    Look at
    10:12: 53 - 23.89 x 23.92 print 24.13
    10:11:58 -23.79 x 23.85 print 24.09

    This happened for about 15 mins on DY and also on HSP

    Can anyone shed light?

  2. Not too sure since I trade futures only but could it not be trades done between brokers that show up on the T&S.
  3. Theres been talk about this on other threads.
    What you're actually seeing is late prints from nasdaq/island.

    If there is a way for you to filter your T&S and charts for just NYSE you won't see those bad prints.

    On my sotware you just need to put in DY.N instead of DY.

    Good luck.

    I hit DY too but sold too early when I started having trouble cancelling orders.