Speaker Pelosi and right wing fantasies

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    Every Republican I know thinks Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are the best things they have going for them," Bruce Bartlett, a Treasury official in the first Bush's presidency, writes in Washington Monthly.

    Reid would likely lead the Democratic majority in the Senate, if there is one. What's so terrible about the social conservative from Nevada is beyond me. Pelosi, no doubt, is the bigger hope for a liberal voodoo doll.

    Republican partisans should consider another possibility -- that Pelosi and Reid don't govern as the lefty radicals of their dreams but as pragmatic progressives. They would battle for embryonic stem cell research, a higher minimum wage and an energy policy not hostage to oil interests -- all popular causes frustrated by the Republican leadership.

    With Democrats utterly out of power, Republican partisans have had the liberty to air their fantasies about what those crazy people might do. They imagine out loud that Pelosi, who represents a heavily gay district, would never punish a homosexual congressman caught hitting on a congressional page. They conjure up scenes of House Democrats initiating wildly disruptive impeachment proceedings against President Bush.

    But every now and then, reality raises its inconvenient head. Pelosi has already called on the House Ethics Committee to investigate Mark Foley's "egregious" conduct. And when asked whether a Democratic-controlled House would try to impeach the president, she answers an emphatic no. "We don't have time for that," she says.

    Poetic license lets partisans make up stuff about what the opposition might do in the future. That license needs revoking, however, when their flights of fancy contradict things that have already happened. Many Republicans are especially inventive in rewriting the fiscal history of the Clinton era.

    Joe Scarborough, MSNBC talk-show host and former GOP congressman from Florida, contends in a Washington Monthly essay that "conservative Republicans and the Clinton White House somehow managed to balance the budget ..." He adds that Clinton's "worst (fiscal) instincts were tempered by a Republican Congress."

    Whoa. The hard budget-balancing work took place in 1993, before there was a Republican Congress. That's when Clinton pushed through a tax hike on the richest 1.2 percent of taxpayers. It passed a Democratic-controlled House with zero votes from the Republican side.
    Perhaps, just perhaps, it was Clinton who forced fiscal discipline on the Republican Congress and not the other way around. Clinton established the "conservative" principle that spending had to be paid for with taxes. Permission to splurge with abandon, borrow the money and leave the bills to one's grandchildren came from a Republican president and his enabling Republican Congress.

    Given the reality of galloping deficits (the lower deficit figure for 2006 is a temporary reprieve from a horrid long-term projection), Pelosi's remark that she might want to roll back Bush tax cuts for people making $250,000 to $300,000 or more a year is neither surprising nor unwelcome. And in another budget issue, she vows to "drain the swamp" of Washington corruption by ending the marriage between Republican powerbrokers and "K Street" lobbyists holding bags of money.

    That doesn't sound scary. It sounds like a nice change.

  2. Thats all very nice Dodo, a foolish little piece you posted, which of course omits or obfuscates anything not politically correct such as how Nancy Pelosi is going to stop the invasion from Mexico (I recall her vehement opposition to having voters show ID, imagine that). How is the kindly grandma going to deal with North Korea, (or should I say clean up the mess that Clinton & Carter made)??? Will she give the Iranians a nuclear reactor, as John F Kerry advocated in 2004? You may be fooled, but I am not.
  3. LOL, come on Nick, after 12 years of republican congress, after 6 years of complete republican domination we have a disaster in Iraq, disaster in Iran, disaster in North Korea and disaster on our borders. As recently as 2 days ago Bush once again demanded amnesty for illegals (calling it a guest worker program of course), on the same day Bush said that he would deal with NK diplomatically, we're losing 3-4 soldiers a day in Iraq and Iran is laughing in our face.

    And yet you still don't get it, do you, you still think republicans can some day get something done despite all the evidence to the contrary, you still think that the dems if elected will do worse than republicans have as if it's possible. Republicans have been talking the talk for years and have proved beyond any reasonable doubt that they are completely unable and unwilling to walk the walk, yet you still think that it's me, not you who is getting fooled. Get real Nick.
  4. Get real you say. I agree with everything you say here about the Republicans, with the exception of N. Korea, and could probably even find common ground with you on that issue. However, unlike yourself who for some reason thinks the Democrats offer something for this country so much better than the current crap, well I do not believe it. To post what you did (the Nancy Pelosi promo, LOL), makes you a Democrat sycophant. I don't advocate either party, as THEY BOTH SUCK, they are the same, Doodo, they are the same.
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    After decades of Democrat control the Republicans could not fix everything up in 12 years.
  6. Like it or not (and I don't) but we have a two party system. If one party had plenty of time, plenty of power, plenty of domestic and international goodwill and has completely failed, it's time to give the other party a chance. What's the point of having a competition if you under no circumstances would consider the alternative product (and please don't tell me that the dems are doomed to fail, the 90s were pretty good, the budget was balanced and the first WTC bombing's perpetrators are rotting in jail). Let's give them a shot, you might actually get to like Universal Healthcare when you don't have to worry about pre-existing conditions if you're changing jobs and when your doctor is preoccupied with your health, not with his papework and billing disputes with 20 different HMOs. :)
  7. What do we expect of the no bid contract to Halliburton party?


  8. Same way the Repubs have...not at all. It ain't happenin. I'm all in favor of a wall and other draconion measures but it AIN'T happenin. You won't stem the human tide and it is only going to get worse. The Repubs talk a good game, but they haven't done a DAMN thing.
  9. The Republican House passed the border fence and other restricitve measures, all opposed by Democrats. They forced the Senate to drop its amnesty approach and basically left Bush with no choice but to go along. I agree he has been a disaster in enforcing the border or immigration law and it's far from clear he will do much to implement the border fence. Still, we know the Democrats will do everything they can to encourage illegal immigration and voting by illegals. They even oppose having to show a photo ID to vote.
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    Clinton and Gore were given credit for the technology revolution.....it wasn't theirs......the economy was in an upturn for 9 months before slick took office.......the media is 90% liberal.....extreme liberal....harry reid made millions on syndicate connected friend with real estate deal in nevada that he didin't report to govt...stay tuned to that one just coming out of the closet....berger stole classified documents....fined 50 oo o and still verdict coming on him....after clinton gone from office...u know what he was doing and who he was doing it for.....clinton only #2 prez impeached.......for lying...lost his law license.....hillary elected u will see this country run by homos especially lesbians.......look at the eyes.....rosie odonnell........etc...ellen....etc.....janet reno etc.....what a freak lineup....marc rich.....pardoned last days fo slick sliming the oval office with dna and the cigar tricks........billing records miracle hillary clinton is the most despised woman in america not the most loved........pelosi....dean......reid......conyers......kennedy t he chappaquidik swimming record holder.......barney frank is not to be forgotten.....and the dem hot check artists.........and all george bush does is keep ur country safe from the murderous islamists who plan to kill you and yours....
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