spce how to invest?

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  1. anyone investing in spce? cant resist. Not sure what is ging to happen on 2/25.
    valuation is past 7B.
    Last earning is about few millions??
    Next few quarters are going to be dozens of millions at best in revenue.
    Obviously it is not trading on fundamentals at all. Completely on sentiment.
    One of only 3 publicly traded space company other two being spacex and amazon's (forgot). Got 25 calls and wait just before 2/25 and then sell just before earning. Buy again after IV crash. currently Jan 21 35$ call showing insane 190% IV. Perhaps will reach 500% or even 1000% in terms of IV around 2/25???
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    SpaceX is private. Might spin off Starlink to public sometime.

    Blue Origin is private. Funded by Jeff Bezos but is not part of AMZN. Bezos sells AMZN stock to fund Blue Origin.
  3. Virgin Galactic is like a mini Tesla, every day it's exploding more and more. At what level does it make sense for your hat in and jump on the bandwagon?
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    Another stock moving on "fear of missing out"....has a market capitalization of over $4 billion a revenue of no more than a million bucks, hmmmmmmmmm
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    $4 billion, that's like sooo yesterday. It's over $7 billion.
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  6. yeah but think about this. company has been there since 2004, proven track record, not something some sort of bank it pyramid scheme. Its owner Richard Branson has good image and idol just like Tesla and has become brand itself as ac result. consider nio which is struggling they don't have this iconic public facing leader. i see a lot of potential with this company.
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    True and everything is trading on it's potential value or future value. The problem is that the further you look into the future, uncertainty of the outcome increases. So SPCE trading at a perceived value 12 months from now vs 10 years from now is very different and said uncertainty increases. I believe we're closed to the latter.
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    He's a crazy one. Recognize him here?

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    Well timed calls will make you lots of money with defined risk.
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  10. The question should be 'at what level does it NOT make sense to throw your hat in and jump on the bandwagon? Probably when you're asking yourself this very question—you've already missed it, the market is now overbought.

    Richard is definitely a great marketer; don't think I've seen a single post of his on Linkedin that doesn't involve promoting his own interests and trying to fill his bank account.
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