Sparrow exchange for Crypto OPtions

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  2. Hello! Yes I am an avid user, I use it mainly to sell options - I quite like how I can set my own settlement dates and also that the premium I get it instantly.

    Young exchange but really promising, I like how they offer both bitcoin and ethereum options, not many exchanges offer that.
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    spreads look very bad... also what I could not understand is the price of options in USD or that sparrow Dollar?
    Also the settlement date sis determined by the exchange like any other Exchange
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  4. Yea, platform is pretty new, think they launched just 3 - 4 months ago. My orders typically get filled in a few seconds, maybe that's why order book is quite empty cause most orders are filled? lol

    I think Sparrow dollar is their USD equivalent as I see it is 1:1 USD on their convertnow facility.

    Saw on their telegram chat someone shared on their cumulative BTC volume, looks good for a new platform.

    cumulative BTC.jpg

    Can join their telegram chat . The core team is pretty active there and helped to address a lot of my questions on options trading.
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    There are lots of cryptocurrency exchanges but recently I found a list of crypto exchanges with this list hard to find which one to go with because I don't have enough experience in cryptocurrency trading.
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    You are talking about Crypto trading itself ( SPOT BTC/USD or BTC/ ETh etc)
    What I am talking about is Option on BTC or Options on ETH traded in a regulated exchange? regulated in UK or US
  7. I was looking for a Crypto Options trading platform too. I'll check out Sparrow, seems clean. Dont think they are regulated in the US though. Most of Europe, Asia seems fine.
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    Sparrow is in Singapore but not regulated as a "exchange" by MAS ( they claim they don;t need to be as per current laws of Singapore) + the spreads are really bad very soon CME ( USA) will have BTC options a bigger known exchange + you can marry BTC futures + Option soon or do Options to Option speads.. lot better than these so called other Crypto Exchanges
  9. Bakkt options launching today!
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