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  1. Indeed! Also without a wife, what's the point of earning all this money without someone to spend it. :D
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  2. rs7


    Hate to BEAT, an old issue from an old thread into the ground, but came across this article today. Reminded me of this old thread.

    Now Cathy of the Bobcathy "entry" may either be completely off base, living in on her own Fantasy Island (Key West I believe), or things are a hell of a lot different in Japan than here in the States...doubtful, people are people..... (maybe Key West shouldn't be counted as part of the USA...but if so, it ain't 'cause of their higher than normal degree of heterosexual preference....Key West? LOL.....not that sexual preference is particularly, or even in any way, relavant to the subject).

    So Candle and Aphie, and all the rest, rest assured we (even us married guys) are not alone. Just Cathy's husband Bob (who may be spending a lot more time in the "head" (again, no pun intended) than need be for the other two necessary bodily functions:)

    So the "poll" needs to be re-evaluated. Looks like a lot of people either lied or are asexual. (Except Cathy of course, who, like a good wife beats Bob into submission when she gets the itch:)

    Peace (piece)
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  3. bobcathy1

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    Hmmmm....brushing your own afro? Never heard that one before. I think perhaps the Japanese man is just lousy in bed......not saying the Americans are any great shakes. Except for Bob.
    He never ever jerked off either, too many women wanted sex with him to have time to.
    The only beating I do is beating the other women off with a stick who make overtures to him when we go out!
    :D :D
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  4. ALICE


    Oh no rs7 you don't know what you've done .. this awakening will spawn lots of 777s icky pics! :(
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  5. rs7


    Yeah? I hope so. Op777's graphic interpretations are the most amusing posts on ET.

    I bet even now he is brainstorming about how to incorporate MrMarket's self gratification into this thread. Lot's of material to work, muscles, hair, Alice, ego, hair, "size", hair, groupies (Alice again), testosterone, hair, "meat"....almost seems too much material to wrap up adequately.

    If a picture is worth only a thousand words, we will get shortchanged somehow. Even the graphically talented (dare I say "genius") Optional777 can't possibly begin to scratch the surface on this subject. Too much to expect.

    But NO ONE could make a better attempt at this virtually impossible task.

    I believe I speak for us all in agreeing with you. Optional will provide us with great humor, great insight, and tax our computer's graphic processing power. Lot's of pixels, lot's of high resolution to deal with so much HAIR!!!

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  6. TGregg


    Heh, that's the first thing I wondered. It's nice to be married. :D
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  7. HELL NO!

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  8. rs7


    Candle.....looks like a good subject for a poll. Who trades more successfully....married or unmarried guys? (and gals).

    Married.....possibly more pressure. More discipline? Less "freedom and courage"? Wonder if there are any true statistics one way or the other. (Of meaning).

    Not knowing for sure who is and who is not married among the usual suspects here, it is tough to get a feel. I know Nitro is married and knows how to trade. I know Aphie is not, and knows how to post about trading. But I think it would be interesting to know if there is any real correlation.

    I know Schonfeld is not married. I also know that the majority of Schony's top traders when I was there were married. Maybe it's just because more guys (after a certain age) are married. Anyone got a guess if one's state of matrimony is relevant?

    I will admit that when my wife and I are going through a fight or argument that stays in my head, it seems to affect my trading (along with everything else) negatively Maybe the unmarried guys are free of that. Or maybe the normal state of contentment is an attribute. Or....maybe it is totally irrelevant.

    I am sure Cathy will have some input here. What do you think dear lady?

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  9. bobcathy1

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    Well in our little family, I am the one who is computer literate and trades. Bob sits with me and gives me courage. The last computer Bob used was in Fortran!
    We have been together so for 24 years and married for 6, we do not argue much. But if we did, we would not trade as I am sure it would affect us negatively.
    I think married people have a lot more pressure to succeed from their partners and obligations. When you are single, if you flop, you can always go back and live with your parents?

    Speaking of parents, don't they always think you are throwing money away trading?....mine are old and they always give me their 2 cents. "Cathy you are going to gamble away your retirement and be homeless"
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